Black Point Camp, Moran Michigan

Black Point Camp began in 1922 when Al Nothelfer purchased the land for logging and created a small town to help with his growing needs. He built a saw mill, a forge, a general store, and a service station. He operated these establishments until the mid-1940’s. Shortly after logging ceased, the property became a resort where it offered great fishing and extraordinary views. Al operated the resort until he passes away in 1964.

The resort continued to operate until 1968 by care of his wife and two step-sons. In 1987, Dave Schlosser purchased the land and began to rebuild the resort.  He spent the next 28 years tending the land he loved so dearly. In September 2015 Dave decided it was time to pass the reigns to someone new. After much searching Dave found a couple he believed to be the perfect fit for the resort and surrounding community. Darren and Kasie Anderson are the current owners and are loving every minute of it.